Upholstery Options and Care Information


All of our furniture is made to order, which means you can choose any fabric. Offering that to customers is a bit like saying 'how long is a piece of string'.  So we have included some popular options to help you choose.

For Aged Care, we recommend:

- anti-bacterial

- anti-microbial

- FR tested (Fire Rating)

- Bleach Cleanable

Clients often like to have a fabric on the back and arms, and vinyl on the seats for easy cleaning, which is a good option. Even though fabrics are completely cleanable, it is always going to be quicker and easier to wipe down vinyl.

We have included below, a list of fabric at the different price points to help you choose.

(Pricing is indicative only and subject to change.  All Pricing is per metre and does not include freight costs.)


- Click on the image below to see a complete range of styles and colours in that range (either an attachment will open, or click on the link to the website.)

- Below is a selection of the most popular fabrics used in Aged Care. This is by no means exhaustive and we can supply with your choice of fabric if it does not appear below.


In the current climate additional information that may assist with upholstery cleaning regimes, links to information on upholstery properties and how they can be cleaned:

Popular fabric options and price per metre

Wortley Furnishings

Care Instructions & Specifications:



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