Materials and fabrics

Our furniture is produced in genuine and solid materials that not only give a warm and snug feeling but also lasts for decades. The choice of materials and fabrics is, of course, crucial for those who require easy cleaning yet appealing furniture which is something we ensure in our designs.

​All of our furniture is made to order, which means you can choose any fabric and stain colour including the ability to have two-toned.

Our fabric range offers a wide colour variety in various types of fabrics from vinyl through to Tritan fabrics. We offer fabrics that are suitable for Aged Care facilities with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, bleach cleanable and Fire Rating (FR) tested.

Popular fabric options and price per metre

Care information and specifications

In the current climate additional information that may assist with upholstery cleaning regimes, links to information on upholstery properties and how they can be cleaned: