Dining Chairs

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Wentworth Care dining chairs offer comfort, support and durability. 

When you are looking for furniture to suit your nursing home or aged care facility, there are some things you need to consider:

The height of the chairs, the arm height - are they comfortable? Are they easy to lift in and out of? Is the fabric suitable? Will they be comfortable for long periods of sitting.

Our aged care and health care chair and furniture ranges are perfect for aged care facilities, nursing homes, retirement living and even apartment living.  As well as offering our ranges to facilities, we also sell direct so that your loved ones can benefit from this furniture at home.

Dining chairs for aged care, health care and retirement living needs to be comfortable, fit for purpose and durable. Our extensive range of dining chairs and dining tables has been designed for all of these. 


Our extensive range of aged care dining chairs have been designed:

  • With arms, so that they are easy to lift in and out of

  • Often with an open back, so that food doesn't become stuck in the back of the seat

  • Often with timber rails at the top of the chair to minimise dirt on the fabric from pushing the chairs in and out

These chairs and our other furniture ranges are also ideal for retirement living, people living at home and in the hospitality and disability sector.

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