Accessories to suit S500 and Sienna Hi-Lo Beds

Self Help Pole & IV Pole
Product Code Self Help Pole:  BACCE099
Product Code IV Pole: BACCE104

Self Help Poles (monkey bars) and IV Poles are available to suit Hi-Lo and Lo-Lo beds.

Collapsible Bed Stick
Product Code Hi-Lo Bed:  BACCE106
Product Code Lo-Lo Bed and other Manufacturer Beds:   BACCE105

The Collapsible Bed Stick has a universal clamp that attaches to the frame of the bed.  When not in use the Bed Stick collapses down alongside the bed for safety and convenience.

Wall Buffer
Product Code Bolt on:  BACCE100
Product Code Drop on:  BACCE099

Wall Buffers are recommended to avoid damage to walls, we  have two styles available, bolt on and drop on.  We can advise the best to suit your requirements.

Bed Extension.jpg
Bed Extension and Mattress Bolster
Product Code Bed Extension:  BACCE107
Product Code Mattress Bolster: MBOLST101 (Single) MBOLST201 (King Single)
Safety Rails
Product Code Hi-Lo Bed :  BACCE111
Product Code Lo-Lo Bed :  BACCE112

Horizontal Safety Rails available for use with Hi-lo and Lo-lo beds.  The safety rails are fitted using a universal bed clamping system, suitable with bed head and foot only, not a complete bedframe.

The Bed extension and Mattress Bolster are suitable for use on S500 and Sienna Hi-Lo beds.

Mattress Bolster.jpg