4 Way Turn Foam Mattress

Suitable for Medium to High Risk

SWL 30-213kg

4 way turn internal.JPG


  • Profiled foam surface (both sides)

  • 4 way turn



  • 2 Way Stretch

  • Vapour permeable cover

  • Sewn Seams

  • Zipped closure

Warranty - 2 Year

This Alrick 4 Way Turn Mattress has a profiled surface to aid free flow of air and reduce surface tension. It has a two way stretch vapour permeable cover with sewn seams and zipped closure and is profiled on both sides.


The M9040IMP is also available in a variety of sizes, Single & King Single.

Single – 1960 x 870 x 150mm 
King Single – 1960 x 1050 x 150mm

4 Way Turn.jpg
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