Queen Hi-Lo Bed 

Queen Hi Lo Bed
Product Code: Queen - BHILO801Q
Also available - Double Hi Lo Bed
Product Code: Queen - BHILO801D

We introduced the Queen Hi-Lo bed for couples who still want to sleep in a bed together.  We were receiving an increasing number of requests from facilities who had couples, and single beds pushed together were just not suitable.

These beds are not for everyone, but for those who do want to share a bed - they offer the perfect balance of comfort, functionality and still look like a "normal" bed.

This bed has been Independently Certified by Novitatech to ensure it meets the Australian Standards.


Min/Max Height: 370mm - 700mm (add 30mm where  Central Locking supplied)

Castors: 125mm Braking and Directional Castors

Life Capcity: Safe working load* 300kg

Back Rest Lift: The bed is available with either independent Knee lift and back rest, or single piece knee lift and back rest.

Construction: Steel frame manufactured in epoxy polyester powder coating

Warranty: 5 years on actuators, 10 years on frame


Length: 2060mm x Width: 1580mm

Sleep Surface: Length 1990mm x Width 1476mm


Length: 2060mm x Width: 1520mm

Sleep Surface: Length 1990mm x Width 1370mm

  • Central Castor Locking 

  • Battery Backup

  • Backlit Handset

  • Horizontal Collapsible Safety Rails

  • Self Help Pole

  • IV Pole

  • Water Buffers

The queen bed is available with any head, feet or complete bedframe.

Whether you are looking for the luxury of upholstery, or a simple timber frame, we have something to suit everyone.

*The Safe Working Load MUST NOT be taken as the maximum user weight. Manufacturers quote a Safe Working Load for their beds. When a bed is tested, a static load is evenly distributed over the whole surface of the bed. Remember though that when a bed is in use the load is rarely static or evenly distributed. Should a visitor, for example, sit down heavily on one side of the bed then the shock load at that point will be extreme, the load will be uneven and the total combined weight may exceed the Safe Working Load. The SWL must take account not only of the weight of the user but also the weight of the mattress, bed linen & any other items loaded on to the bed eg. air pump for air-driven mattress. You should also take account of any likely weight gain by the user in the future. Typically, a mattress could weigh 20kg; an air-driven system could weigh as much as 30kg; a couple of pillows 3kg; bed linen around 12kg - the total of such items, together with anything else placed on the bed PLUS the weight of the user must NEVER exceed the Safe Working Load.
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