St Mary's Aged Care

Sydney, NSW | November 2020
Elaine McNeill, Aged Care Interiors
Ability to refurbish areas with new furniture whilst still ensuring it worked well with existing fit out.
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St Mary’s Villa is a not-for-profit service hostel and nursing home owned and managed by St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, Concord. After 10 years in operation, it was time for a refurbishment.
Elaine McNeill of Aged Care Interiors was responsible for the Interior Design and is known for her selective research driven approach to furniture selection specifically for aged care facilities.
Elaine provided us with a clear view of what she wanted for this project. As much of the furniture supplied ten years ago were still in great shape, we only needed to supply additional lounge and dining chairs.

To ensure the new furniture tied in well with the existing, we worked with Elaine to master the colours and design of each piece.

The client had a special request for dining chairs with castors on the front legs, which was not in our existing range. We engaged specialist Engineers to develop a new stainless steel chair leg plate, with double ball bearing castors to attach to the front legs. The chairs also featured easy-to-clean vinyl and bleach friendly Warwick Tritan fabrics. We also provided the Marlena armchairs and Bentley 3 seaters which were all upholstered in colour co-ordinated fabrics by wing and by room.

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