Manor Court

Werribee, VIC | July 2019
It was a pleasure to be able to meet the specific brief provided by the client for fabric and product choices.
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Manor Court Werribee Aged Care provides an ‘Ageing in Place’ lifestyle for Permanent and High/Low Care Respite residents. The facility is engrained in the community, coming originally from efforts made by the Werribee Rotary Club to ensure location elderly had sufficient accommodation. In the ensuing 40 years and over several expansion phases, Manor Court has grown to a size of 100 beds.

In 2019, Wentworth Care Furniture was enlisted to support their new extension to continue to support the elderly community of Werribee. We worked with a client-nominated designer who provided a specific brief to ensure the furniture and fabrics selected were both practical and fit within the existing environment.

We provided specific fabric choices that were used on our standard Bentley 3 seaters. This provided the residents and guests with comfortable seating within the lounge areas.

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