Don't forget some fabrics can be bleach cleaned

Now is a great time to check how to clean your chairs!

If you've chosen 'Aged Care' specific fabric for your chairs, you may not realise a lot of them can be cleaned with a bleach solution.

Below is a list of popular Aged Care fabrics and how to clean them.

Warwick Tritan Fabrics

Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, Anti-dust mite

Bleach Cleaning/Disinfection*

Mix 5% bleach (sodium hypochlorite) with 95% water.

Pre-test cleaning method on a hidden part of the furniture. The bleach solution can remain on the fabric surface for up to 10-minutes after which the bleach solution must be thoroughly rinsed from the fabric using a water extraction machine filled with cold water. Once thoroughly rinsed, extract any residual moisture and allow to dry at room temperature. Furniture must be dry before being reused. *Not all qualities can be bleach cleaned. Please refer to your care label or for confirmation.

For full cleaning instructions, click here:

Materialised - Zircon Zem

Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial

  • Protect from sunlight & vauum regularly

  • Blot off liquid soiling

  • Remove bulky matter with a flat blade

  • Brush off/vacuum loose particles

  • Mop up excess spills using a soft brush or sponge

  • Wash fabric face with either plain water, mild soap solution, powder enzyme detergent (Radiant), upholstery shampoo.

  • Only use water based cleaning products

  • Crypton Care can be used (available from Materialised) or diluted bleach (1 part bleach 10 parts water)

  • Do not use solvent based cleaners

  • Ensure all cleaning products are removed completely from fabric as residue tends to mask repellency properties

  • Test a hidden area first

  • Steam Cleaning is suitable

For full cleaning video instructions, click here.

Materialised - Healthguard

HealthGuard® is found on Zircon Zem, Zircon Peau De Peche and Zircon Linen – all waterproof printable base cloths.

HealthGuard® is a concentrated antimicrobial fabric finish especially formulated for use in the textile industry, to protect a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, mould and algae’s.

It is used on our Zircon fabrics which have a waterproof membrane on the back and a soil-release finish on the surface, along with the HealthGuard® antimicrobial finish which is applied in Australia.

  • A safe, non-invasive, bi functional anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment which increases product life-span.

  • Can be applied with fluorocarbon finishes, flame retardant finishes and all resin systems and softeners normally used in textile finishing.

  • A non-irritant with no side effects and does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

  • Does not contain heavy metals like TriButyl Tin Oxide (TBO) or Organo Chlorines.

  • It is safe for humans and the environment. When treated articles are disposed or discarded they rapidly biodegrade and leave no harmful residues for our future generations to inherit.

  • Eliminates Golden Staph, MRSA A129.

  • All testing of treated articles is carried out externally by Universities and accredited testing institutes for quality assurance credibility purposes.

Wortley - Vinyls

General Maintenance

Coated fabrics should be cleaned weekly/fortnightly with warm soapy water.

This should be followed by drying with a clean cloth. This will remove atmospheric dust and general soiling that can stain the product over time.

Spot Cleaning

Wortley Group recommends a 50:50 solution of Methylated Spirits and water.

Rub the affected area gently, and follow with warm soapy water to remove residue.

Most stains will lift off easily.

Disinfectant or Bleach Based Cleaning Products

The following products are suitable for applications where a 1:10 bleach solution or commonly used disinfectant wipes are needed for sanitation:

• Austex Linea

• Austex Pellan Ultimate

• Austex Plush

• Austex Soho Allure Dye

For more information on fabrics, our Upholstery section on our website has more information.