Monterey Lo-Lo Bed

With a super low height of just 16cm (160mm) off the ground, a SWL of 250kg and built in bed extension, the Monterey Lo-Lo is a truly versatile bed.  Ideally suited to all your resident's needs, being in Aged Care or at home. The bed can be supplied with laminate bed head and foot panels or the bed can be customised with one of our timber or upholstered bed furniture options for a home-style look.

  • Australian designed

  • Built in bed extension as standard - adds 19.5cm to the length of the bed

  • Linak electronic drive system

  • Easy removal sheet deck panels for servicing and cleaning

  • Mattress retainers - for corners

  • 8 x 75mm castors for easy manoeuvrability

  • Your selection of timber or upholstered removable head and foot panels

Available in:

  • Single (920mm) Code:   LOLOS

  • King Single (1090mm) Code:   LOLOKS


Min/Max Height:          160mm - 700mm

SWL:                                 250kg

Castors:                           75mm dual castors (8 in total)

Underbed Clearance:  Clear to bed height

Angles Back:                  0-70 degrees

Angles Knee:                  0-35 degrees


Trendelenburg:             0-14 degrees

Warranty:                       10 years on frame

                                          5 years on electrics



Overall 2160mm x 920mm

Sleeping  Surface 2020mm (2215mm extended) x 880mm


King Single

Overall 2160mm x 1090mm

Sleeping Surface: 2020mm (2215mm extended) x 1070mm

Malibu Bed Extension.JPG

​Options include:

  • Upholstered bed head and foot

  • Timber bed head and foot

  • Tubular horizontal 3/4 fold down rails

  • Automatic battery back-up

Headboard Options

Monterey Head Options.JPG

Built in bed extension


3/4 length fold down rails

Self Assist Rail.JPG

Support rail

*The Safe Working Load MUST NOT be taken as the maximum user weight. Manufacturers quote a Safe Working Load for their beds. When a bed is tested, a static load is evenly distributed over the whole surface of the bed. Remember though that when a bed is in use the load is rarely static or evenly distributed. Should a visitor, for example, sit down heavily on one side of the bed then the shock load at that point will be extreme, the load will be uneven and the total combined weight may exceed the Safe Working Load. The SWL must take account not only of the weight of the user but also the weight of the mattress, bed linen & any other items loaded on to the bed eg. air pump for air-driven mattress. You should also take account of any likely weight gain by the user in the future. Typically, a mattress could weigh 20kg; an air-driven system could weigh as much as 30kg; a couple of pillows 3kg; bed linen around 12kg - the total of such items, together with anything else placed on the bed PLUS the weight of the user must NEVER exceed the Safe Working Load.