Christadelphian Aged Care

Sydney, NSW | 2019-2020
Direct with facility
The client chose the inspiration and we brought their vision to life.
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We were fortunate to meet Lynette from Christadelphian Homes at a Conference in QLD where we were exhibiting our upholstered bedheads to suit a Hi-Lo beds. We then had the pleasure to help fit out their rooms for their Sydney location with custom-made bed heads.

We had a fantastic experience working with this client remotely. They chose the inspiration and fabrics and we ensured their vision came to life by working closely with our suppliers.

We designed, made, delivered and installed these stunning bed heads in an Aged Care appropriate fabric over a four-stage process.

"Quality of the highest standard... as they say....proof is in the pudding. The bed heads are withstanding an often Harsh and high impact environment and honestly look as good today as the day we bought them." - Lynette Mansfield, Christadelphian Homes

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