Castlemaine Health

Castlemaine, VIC | December 2019
Castlemaine Health Facility Managers
We supported the upgrade of lounge and bedroom furniture to the Castlemaine Health Aged Care facilities.
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Castlemaine Health is located just under two hours from Melbourne. It includes a Hospital and four Aged Care facilities, as well as Community Health services.

The Facilities team engaged Wentworth Care Furniture to support the upgrade of lounge and bedroom furniture throughout the facility.

Making a decision on furniture that is used by multiple residents a day and impacts the staff’s ability to support residents can be difficult, especially when they are unable to visit metropolitan showrooms. That’s why we provide on-site trials. Castlemaine Health quickly took up this offer which allowed residents and staff to be involved in the decision-making process and ensure the furniture met their needs.

Castlemaine Health showed great collaboration as they encouraged the residents and staff to choose the chairs and fabrics.

In the end, over 145 chairs in 30 different colour combinations in vinyl easy to clean fabric were chosen from our Warwick Tritan and Wortley Tessuto collections. In addition, a selection of Linear bedside tables were chosen for all of the rooms.

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