A world’s first residential aged care microtown

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Innovation is important more than ever in aged care facilities as the baby boomer generation creeps into the twilight year age group.

NewDirection Care at Bellmere pioneered an innovative approach to residential aged care for the elderly and those living with younger onset dementia and complex care needs. Wentworth Care Furniture was proud to work alongside Shaynna Blaze and NewDirection Care on this new approach to creating a world that is as close to normality as possible.

Natasha Chadwick, founder of NewDirection Care, is the 2019 Telstra QLD Business Woman of the Year and has been recognised for her vision and passion for driving this facility.

“My aim…is to create a system that revolves around the things that really matter in life and change the way we care for our elderly members of society and those living with dementia, not just in Australia but worldwide.” - Natasha Chadwick, founder of NewDirection Care.

We worked closely with Shaynna Blaze, Blank Canvas, to supply aged care and dementia-specific beds and furniture for 120 rooms, all of them with a different style, fabric and stain combination to create a unique environment to every room.

At Wentworth Care Furniture we’re firm believers in creating a home rather than a room, and our unique offerings in range and innovative furniture reflects this. We work predominately with Australian businesses in the development, design and practicality of each item to ensure a sustainable quality in everything from design to material selection, and through all processes of craftsmanship and production.

The rooms used a combination of King Single, Double and Queen Hi-Lo Beds, in addition to furniture which was designed specially to suit their design requirements and suit the style of the homes.

Our experienced delivery and installation team worked to ensure all items were delivered and installed correctly across the 17 houses. Shaynna’s vision was to have a unique feel to each room which meant our installation team had to carefully prepare, locate and install 10 unique and specifically chosen items for each room 120 times over. This is something they did seamlessly.

“Many of these elements had unique finishes and varied detailing as per our design direction, working collaboratively with us to develop custom designs that are beautiful whilst maintaining all industry requirements and standards. There was a high level of detail on this project. Wentworth delivered on time, in full, and without error.” - Shaynna Blaze, Blank Canvas.

See the project here.