Imported Lift Recliners

Abel Lift Chair
Lift recliner available in your choice of upholstery or a selection from our range.
Small, medium or large chairs with single or dual motor.
Two and three seater lounges to match also available
Small - 1060mm H, 780mm W, 930mm D
Medium - 1100mm H, 810mm W, 930mm D
Large - 1140mm H, 870mm W, 930mm D
Tyrell Lift Recliner
Available for immediate delivery, Tyrell electric recliner and lift chair, single action motor,
1060mm H, 760mm W, 880mm D
Supplied in Beige or Brown soft vinyl
Warranty: 2 years
Perth Lift Chair
Available for immediate delivery, Perth Lift chair, single action motor, with memory foam seat for comfort, supplied in Baize Charcoal and Demim water resistant fabrics and Beige vinyl.
1080mm H, 720mm W, 880mm D, 500mm SW, 480mm SD, 440mm SH, 640mm Armrest Height
SWL 130kg
Warranty: 2 years
Perth Zero Gravity Lift Recliner
Zero Gravity function Recliner and Lift chair offers superior comfort, it includes full electric triple action lift and recline, with independent backrest adjustment.
Includes Trendelenburg action, feet higher than heart, controlled from one handset.
1080mm H, 720mm W, 880mm D
Available for immediate delivery upholstered in water resistant Baize Charcoal or Denim fabric
SWL 130kg
Warranty : 2 years
Torquay Lift Recliner
Fully electric lift and recline chair, dual motor for independent backrest and footrest. On a swivel base which locks when chair is reclined.
Longer footrest makes this chair ideal for tall people.
Height 1110mm, Width 700mm, Depth 880mm, Seat Width 480mm, Seat Depth 500mm, Seat Height 470mm, Armrest Height 650mm
Stocked in Beige or Dark Brown soft vinyl
Synergy Mobile Recliner (Manual)
Suitable for Aged Care or Medical purposes upholstered in vinyl with durable polyurethane arms, with a manual recline mechanism and slide out footrest. Reclines to near flat position.
Ideal where a client needs to be wheeled to the dining table or for post-op recovery or day surgery.
1120mm H, 820mm W, 890mm D, 590mm SW, 490mm SD, 490mm SH, 630mm AH
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