Audiochair Collection

"Maximum enjoyment, minimum disturbance..."

The motto of the Audiochair is "Maximum enjoyment, minimum disturbance...." 

The Audiochair allows individuals to enjoy audio visual entertainment on their personal device or TV, listening at a volume personally comfortable for them, but with little or no disturbance to those around them.  This innovation is supremely beneficial for residents and staff alike, removing the sometimes uncomfortable environment experienced by so many.

Audiochair is bringing back the joy of television and music to so many and is ready to be rolled out to a broader audience.

Watch a video here:



1180H, 800W, 800D,

Seat Height: 470

Seat Width: 500

Seat Depth: 500


























The Audiochair has many features included in our basic model, such as wireless connection, Bluetooth, simple volume and on/off controls that are easily operated by clients. 


Our aged care facilities are filled with our Mums and our Dads, our civil servants of the past, our war veterans. Our society, like all others, is judged on how we treat these vulnerable people. The team at Audiochair want to be part of providing the highest possible standards of care for them and this innovation is doing just that by creating a wholistic audio environment.

The Audiochair is designed and built specifically with the older generations in mind. You will receive installation, education and personalised ongoing support.


Audiochair is 100% locally owned, designed and manufactured, any alterations specific to an individual client need, regardless of the size of the client or their order, can be easily managed and incorporated to meet the request.

Select your own fabric or choose from a wide range of Aged Care fabrics here.

Frame: Australian Hardwood

Origin: Australia

Availability: Made to order - Production Lead times apply (approx 6 weeks)

Colour Options: Finished to your specified stain colour.

Fabrics: Choose your own fabric. Click here to see some popular fabric options for Aged Care.

A lot of clients choose fabric on the outside of the chair, and vinyl on the inside for easy cleaning.